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  • Fiore Custom Pools is your full service company.

    We offer a wide variety of products and services to meet all of your swimming pool needs.
    We are your total solution company!!!

  • Upgraded Equipment & Systems

    Upgrade to our Eco friendly solutions.
    User friendly and less maintenance.
    -Intelli flo pumps ; save 70% energy costs
    -Salt generators ; low maintenance, most cost effective way to make chlorine.
    -Cartridge filter ; low maintenance
    -Heat pump ; save 1/3 the energy cost

  • Weekly maintence

    Service contracts available.
    -12 week package
    -14 week package
    -16 week package
    -18 week package
    – Pool watching; have our pros take of your pool while you’re away.

  • Spring Opening

    Let our service pros get your pool ready to swim this Spring.
    Summerizing includes:
    Removing the cover
    Installing all the pool fixtures.
    Summerizing filter system and full inspection of all equipment and winter covers.
    We will add sanitizing products to start the clean up and balancing process.
    (optional one time vac offered with a water analysis and balancing)
    If you would like both services inquire about our Turn Key and Go Package.

  • Chemical Delivery
  • Need chemicals? Or not sure where to get them or what products your pool may need?
    We have the solution for you. Introducing a delivery service that offers onsite water analysis combined with a pool professional adding our exclusive chemical line by Clearview.

  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Losing water and not sure what to do?
    Call our service team and they will find you the answer.Our techs are equipped with the latest technology and experience to find and resolve the problem that can cost you frustrating down time and money.

  • Fall Closing
  • Custom Winter Covers