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Inground Pool Install Gallery

  • Inground pool installtion gallery

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  • The Transformation Process

  • Step 1
    - Begins with the initial appointments between our customer and the owner Dave Fiore. I believe the most valuable time spent, sharing knowledge, creativity and vision.Then matching these ideas with our customers needs, budgets and dreams. With the conclusion of creating the foundation to move forward with a solid plan to building your new Lifestyle.

  • Step 2
    – The layout process for the pool on the property.

  • Step 3
    – Permit process that is provided by our staff.
    – Customer must supply proper documentation of there property to begin this process.

  • Step 4
    – The excavation process.

  • Step 5
    – The construction of the steel frame to spec’s.
    – Installation of the rough plumbing with the pool fixtures.

  • Step 6
    – Installation of the rough electrical.
    – Having the rough electrical inspection completed.
    – Pouring of the concrete footing behind the steel frame for stability. This step locks the steel frame in the ground.

  • Step 7
    – Backfilling the pool.
    – Shaping the inside of the pool to spec’s.

  • Step 8
    – Foam walls and steps.
    – Installation of the pool bottom.
    – Complete the plumbing for the filter system.

  • Step 9
    – Installation of the liner.
    – Add water.
    – Complete electrical.
    - Pool School this were we educate our new pool owner how to maintain and use there pool effectively and safely.

  • Step 10
    – Patio installation
    – adding 3/4" process for a base.
    – forming patio.
    – apply mesh under lay ment.
    – Pouring of the concrete or installation of pavers.

  • Step 11
    - Landscape design and installation.
    - Installation of the permanent fence.

  • Step 12
    - Our company inspection: to make sure our completion list is final for the project. All safety equipment for the pool and house is up functioning and up to code.
    - Call the local town for final inspection and approval.