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Inground pool construction experts and pool installation professionals Fiore Custom Pools are the pool builders of choice throughout Connecticut. Rely on us for a high-quality turn-key inground pool that your family will love for generations to come. We are the go-to #1 inground pool builder throughout the local area for good reason. For over seventeen years our firm has helped hundreds if not thousands of homeowners throughout the region realize their dreams of pool ownership. If you’re searching for the right company to build your inground pool, look no further.

A local leader in the installation of vinyl liner and fiberglass inground pools and spas, Fiore Custom Pools is the company to handle all of your swimming pool construction needs. Rely on us as a trusted partner for your inground pool installation.

Building an Inground Pool in Connecticut

When considering which company to choose for your inground pool project in Connecticut, think of Fiore Custom Pools first. We’re the premium inground pool builders in Connecticut. When it comes to the design and installation of your swimming pool project, we have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure a flawless inground pool. As one of the leading pool installation companies in the local area, we have been fortunate to be the pool builders of choice for hundreds if not thousands of homeowners over our fifteen-year history. It’s why the primary source of our business continues to be referral-based to this very day. Satisfied customers and word-of-mouth referrals are the only advertising we’ve ever done.

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Learn More About Inground Pools

If you’re considering building an inground swimming pool, you’re bound to have plenty of questions. It’s important to do your homework before engaging in a large home renovation project like pool construction. Our expertise in the field of inground pools means we are quite often the first company homeowners in the local area speak to about installing an inground pool. Learn more about the process from the leading local experts.

Typically an above ground pool normally starts at around $10,000 to $15,000 to build with a high-quality above ground pool with decking. Inground pools on the other hand typically tend to start at around $75,000 – $100,000 or more for a basic inground swimming pool in Connecticut.

The price you will pay for your pool has more to do with the size, features, complexity, and amenities involved with your pool construction. Each backyard and each project are unique so there is no real standard boilerplate for pricing an inground pool. Your unique tastes and the size and purpose of your outdoor living environment may ultimately dictate what type of pool you will build for your backyard.

Here at Fiore Custom Pools we specialize in the design and installation of custom vinyl liner and fiberglass inground pools. On the vinyl liner pools we build utilize a high strength steel or polymer wall design that is durable enough to withstand the harsh Connecticut winters and freeze / thaw cycle of New England winters. Fiberglass pools are suitable for any climate and come with a lifetime warranty on the shell. We are a leading installer of inground pools and have been proudly servicing the local area for over fifteen years.

Installing a basic inground pool typically takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks or longer depending on scheduling and permitting. Larger sized pools or pools with more complexity and features typically can take longer to build.

The materials you choose for your pool installation as well as the ordering of your vinyl liner may take longer than the actual pool to build. Over the last 2 years the demand for pools has increased, consequently there is a delay in getting materials and components for pools. Check with your pool design consultant to get approximate delivery dates.

There are many different features homeowners choose to add-on when building an inground pool. Some of the most popular ones include the following:

  • Retaining walls and sheer descents
  • Grottos and waterfalls
  • Rock slides, jump rocks, and diving boards
  • Laminar deck jets
  • LED Lighting, PAL lighting with DMX controllers
  • Pool automation, in-floor cleaning systems
  • Cabo Bench, Cabo Ledge, Tanning Ledge
  • Premium upgraded vinyl liner
  • Upgraded pool equipment
  • Pool heaters / Salt Water Systems

With larger than average lot sized in Connecticut, most homeowners who are thinking about a pool can build one. However, if you live in an area with limited square footage to build a pool, you may be a great candidate for a “spool” (which is a small pool) or plunge pool. These cocktail sized pools are a great fit in any smaller sized lot.

Building a small pool is not necessarily cheaper. Typically with these types of pool projects we’re looking at limited access to bring in heavy equipment which can lead to a multi-day excavation process. This aspect of building a pool in a smaller lot typically erodes any cost savings in terms of the size of the pool being built.

In short, the answer is yes. You will need a permit to build an inground pool in the state of Connecticut. There are some other rules you should be aware of as well before deciding to build an inground swimming pool.

  • Pools must be surrounded by fencing or another sort of barrier that is at least 48 inches tall and does not have any openings that would allow an object four inches or larger in diameter to enter through. Access gates must open away from the pool, be self-closing, and equipped with a self-latching system.
  • In CT, Pools must be equipped with alarms that will emit a sound of at least 50 decibels when a person or object weighing 15 pounds or more enters the water. Hot tubs and portable spas are exempt from this requirement.
  • Pool drains must be outfitted with approved covers to prevent entrapment (VGB Act)

You can always add on a spa when building a new inground pool. In fact, it’s much cheaper to add the spa on when performing construction rather than add it on later and preferable to going through the entire pool construction process again at a later date. Ask your pool design consultant about adding on a spa or hot tub to your pool installation.

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