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Pool Construction

Pool construction is our specialty here at Fiore Custom Pools. We only employ the highest quality vinyl liner and fiberglass inground pools in order to offer the widest assortment of styles at a varying price points depending on size and shape.

With our resources and pool installation experience creating literally thousands of pools throughout Connecticut, we can design and build virtually any shape or size swimming pool. A custom pool builder, we’ll construct your pool to your specific outdoor living space and intended purpose.

Connecticut Pool Construction - Builders of Inground Pools in Connecticut
Connecticut Pool Construction Project - Concrete Phase of Inground Pool Project - Pool Builders: Fiore Custom Pools
Connecticut Pool Construction Project - Concrete Phase of Inground Pool Project - Pool Builders: Fiore Custom Pools

Pool Construction in Connecticut

Homeowners in Connecticut can choose between two types of pools, vinyl liner or fiberglass. Vinyl liner pools are strong and durable, they are made of galvanized steel or high-strength polymer, which resists corrosion and extends the life of the pool. Fiberglass pools are pre-molded in variety of different shapes and sizes. Both types of inground pools are customizable, allowing us to construct virtually any form and size and build a pool that truly complements your backyard.

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Pool Construction & Building a Pool in Connecticut

If you’re considering building a pool in Connecticut, you need to thoroughly consider which pool construction company you will choose to build your inground swimming pool. When evaluation which pool contractor to choose, pick a pool installation company with a track record for high quality workmanship. Make certain they are licensed and insured to perform pool construction and check their references before hiring a pool builder. Fiore Custom Pools is a local leader in pool construction and can provide you with a free estimate on your pool project. Feel free to contact us anytime for a pool construction consultation.

Excavation of the Vinyl Liner

When excavating for a vinyl liner pool, the excavators dig a hole about 30 inches larger than the finished pool’s circumference. The area is designated for the vertical braces that support individual wall panels.

Some contractors dig the entire hole at first, including the deep end. Others excavate in two stages, first digging to install the perimeter wall panels and then beginning excavation of the deep end.

Time frame: 1–2 days

Installation of Wall Panels

The pool wall panels are bolted together and secured with braces for support. At this point, they also put together any plastic or fiberglass steps or benches.

Time frame: 1 day’s duration

Concrete Footing

The footing inspection must be approved after the builders have assembled the perimeter wall panels. The builders next lay an eight-inch-deep concrete base around the structure’s exterior perimeter to secure the wall panels in place.

Time frame: 12 day duration

Plumbing for a Vinyl Liner Pool

The plumbers connect the plumbing surrounding the pool as well as the pump and filter system.

Time frame: 1 day’s duration

Installing the Vinyl Liner Pool Base

They are now laying down the material that will cover the exposed ground and support the liner. They mix the material (usually vermiculite or grout) and trowel it into position.

Time frame: 1–2 days

Vinyl Pool Liner Is Installed

A “bead” on the top of the liner fits into a track mounted to the top of the wall panels. Expert pool builders insert the liner into the pool, “snaps” it into place, and then form-fits it to the shape of the pool by vacuuming the air behind the liner.

After the liner has been adjusted to remove wrinkles, the pool is filled with water.

When there is enough water to keep the liner in place, the holes for any skimmers, lights, or return jets are cut and faceplates are placed to keep the liner in place. We then fill the pool completely with water.

Time frame: 1 day’s duration

Installation of a Vinyl Liner Patio

This stage begins with a bonding examination.

Some builders finish the patio surround before installing the liner, while others start with the pool.

They must maintain the stability of the material beneath the patio (properly compacted). If they backfill with the original dirt without utilizing suitable compaction processes, structural patio concerns may arise in the future.

Time frame: 1–2 weeks

Start-up of a Vinyl Liner Pool

The builders and/or you will test and adjust the water chemistry to get it within acceptable parameters, and you will clean the filter as needed when the system is turned on until the water is clear.

Time frame: 1–2 days

Site Preparation:

  • We begin by evaluating your site and securing all necessary permits to ensure a smooth start.
  • Once permits are in order, we meticulously excavate the area to the precise dimensions for your new pool.
  • Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Base Preparation:

  • Creating a stable foundation is crucial. We level the excavated space and add a layer of sand or gravel for a smooth pool surface.
  • Timeline: 1 week

Delivery and Placement:

  • The big day arrives! Your fiberglass pool shell is delivered and carefully placed into the prepared hole using heavy equipment.
  • Timeline: 1 day

Leveling and Positioning:

  • Ensuring perfection, we meticulously level the pool and position it according to the design specifications.
  • Timeline: 1-2 days


  • Gradual backfilling around the pool with gravel or sand is next, done while filling the pool with water to maintain a balance and prevent pressure-related issues.
  • Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Plumbing and Electrical Work:

  • It’s time to set up plumbing for water circulation, filtration, and any additional features like jets or lights.
  • Electrical components, including lights and pumps, are installed while adhering to safety regulations.
  • Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Deck Installation:

  • Constructing the pool deck according to design specifications, ensuring it complements the pool’s aesthetics and provides proper support.
  • Timeline: 2-4 weeks

Finish and Surface Touch-ups:

  • To ensure your pool looks impeccable, we finish the surface as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • A thorough inspection follows, with any necessary touch-ups for perfection.
  • Timeline: 1 week

Filling and Testing:

  • The pool is filled to the recommended water level, and we conduct extensive tests on all systems to ensure proper functionality.
  • Timeline: 1 week

Landscaping and Final Touches:

  • Enhancing the overall appeal, we landscape the surroundings and add any finishing touches you desire.
  • This is also the stage where additional features or safety measures you’ve chosen are integrated.
  • Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Pool Start-Up:

  • Finally, we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the initial start-up, balancing water chemistry, priming the filtration system, and ensuring everything is ready for your enjoyment.
  • Timeline: 1 week

These timelines are approximate and may vary based on specific project requirements and conditions. Regular communication will ensure we stay on track and create the pool of your dreams.

Vinyl liner steel wall or polymer wall inground pools typically take 4-6 weeks to install. Additional backyard features, hardscaping, landscaping, and other outdoor living amenities can add on to the overall project length. For larger pools or more custom high-end jobs with a difficult elevation or challenging soil or access conditions, the average length of construction can vary anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Most basic inground pools in Connecticut typically start anywhere from $75,000-$100,000 dollars depending on the features and amenities you’re choosing for your swimming pool. Numerous other factors can impact how much a pool costs but the three things that impact the price the most are size, features, and materials you choose for your pool construction project.

All well qualified buyers can finance their pool construction project. Fiore Custom Pools works with a variety of different lenders who can get you the financing you need to build the pool of your dreams. During your pool consultation make sure to tell your pool design consultant that you will want to finance your pool and we’ll connect you with a lender who can help.

When any pools depth exceeds 24 inches, a permit from the local building official is required. This permit requirement applies to in-ground, above-ground, and on-ground swimming pools, as well as hot tubs and spas.

Any permit application for a “Inground Pool” must include an “Engineered Stamped” plan.

Pools with a height of less than 48″ must have a 48″ high fence (see attached fencing requirements). All pool entrances must feature a self-latching, self-closing gate system (see attached).

On the pump motor, a twist-lock style plug must be attached. The pump motor must be on an electrical timer to ensure that it operates during off-peak hours. To receive the pump motor plug, a twist-lock receptacle must be installed.
When the plug is plugged in, the receptacle cover must completely wrap the plug.

When all of the wiring is finished, the pool must be examined. The pool’s electrical circuit must be safeguarded with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). From the ground on the pump to all metallic sections of the pool, a #8 or bigger solid copper wire must be mechanically linked ( i.e. the pool structure, slide, ladder, etc.). To safely plug in and run appliances, a GFCI outlet must be positioned between 10 and 20 feet from the pool (i.e. radios, etc.).

According to Connecticut Public Act No. 99-140, every pool must have an audible pool alarm.

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