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Pool Maintenance

Fiore Custom Pools has solidified its position as the leading pool service and maintenance company in Connecticut through a commitment to excellence, unmatched customer service, and a dedication to creating pristine aquatic environments. With years of expertise in the industry, Fiore Custom Pools has become synonymous with quality and reliability, earning the trust of countless pool owners across the state. Our attention to detail extends beyond regular maintenance to encompass specialized services such as pool openings, closings, and thorough inspections, ensuring that each pool is meticulously cared for throughout the seasons.

Connecticut Pool Maintenance
Connecticut Pool Service - Weekly Maintenance

Connecticut Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Fiore Custom Pools distinguishes itself through its innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. Whether it’s implementing energy-efficient equipment, utilizing the latest water sanitization systems, or incorporating smart automation for seamless control, Fiore Custom Pools stays at the forefront of industry advancements to provide clients with state-of-the-art solutions tailored to their specific needs. Locals throughout Connecticut count on us for our meticulous and expert approach toward pool service, maintenance, and repair work.

Weekly Pool Maintenance


✅ Skimming and Surface Cleaning:
Removal of leaves, debris, and other floating items from the water surface.

✅ Brushing Walls and Tiles:
Brushing the pool walls and tiles to prevent the buildup of algae and scale.

✅ Vacuuming:
Regular vacuuming to remove dirt and sediment from the pool floor.

✅ Emptying Skimmer and Pump Baskets:
Cleaning and emptying the skimmer and pump baskets to ensure proper water circulation.

12 Week, 14 Weeek, 16 Week, 18 Week Packages Available

Ask about our pool-watching service. Our pros will keep an eye on your pool while you are away.


✅ Inspecting Equipment:
Regular inspection of pool equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, and other components to ensure they are functioning properly.

✅ Inspecting and Lubricating O-Rings and Seals:
Checking and lubricating O-rings and seals to prevent leaks and ensure proper functioning.

✅ Inspect Water Level:
Check the water level and adjust as needed to ensure optimal skimming and filtration. )Additional fees may apply)

✅ Checking and Adjusting Timer Settings:
Verifying and adjusting the timer settings for pool equipment to ensure efficient operation.

✅ Reporting Issues:
Providing feedback to the pool owner about any potential issues or necessary repairs.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance Services


  • Remove and store winter cover.
  • Clean and remove debris from the pool surface.
  • Vacuum the pool.
  • Brush pool walls and tiles.
  • Test and balance water chemistry.
  • Shock the pool with chlorine treatment.
  • Inspect and start up pool equipment.
  • Check and lubricate O-rings and seals.
  • Ensure proper water circulation and filtration.
  • Set up and test pool timers.
  • Inspect pool lights.


  • Balance and adjust water chemistry for winterizing.
  • Clean and vacuum the pool.
  • Add winterizing chemicals to prevent algae growth.
  • Lower the water level.
  • Remove and store pool accessories.
  • Drain and winterize pool equipment.
  • Blow out and plug pool plumbing lines.
  • Install winter cover securely.
  • Secure and store poolside furniture and accessories.
  • Inspect pool perimeter for potential hazards or damage.

Additional Pool Services


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Intelli flo pumps: Save 70% on energy costs.

Salt generators:
Most cost-effective way to make chlorine.

Cartridge filter:
Low maintenance.

Heat pump:
Save 1/3 of the energy costs.


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We have the solution for you. Introducing a delivery service that offers onsite water analysis combined with a pool professional adding our exclusive chemical line by Clearview.


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