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Pool Remodeling

If you’ve been considering a pool remodeling project, odds are you are looking for ways to improve and transform your swimming pool. Whether you are looking to upgrade pool features and amenities, or perform repair work that will make your existing swimming pool a fun and attractive, Fiore Custom Pools can help. As one of the leading pool remodeling firms in Connecticut, we offer a wide array of services to help homeowners reimagine their outdoor living environment. Whether that be a new pool installation or pool renovation work and repairs to existing pool structures, Fiore Custom Pools has the expertise to perform inground pool remodeling work throughout the local area.

Pool Remodeling Connecticut
Connecticut Pool Remodeling - Vinyl Liner Replacement in Inground Pool - Pool Builder: Fiore Custom Pools
Connecticut Pool Remodeling - Vinyl Liner Replacement in Inground Pool - Pool Builder: Fiore Custom Pools

Pool Remodeling in Connecticut

Fiore Custom Pools are the top-rated pool remodeling professionals of choice in Connecticut. We’re experts in inground pools and perform vinyl liner replacements. We’ll remove your old pool liner and replace it with a vibrant high-strength new interior liner that will beautify your backyard and transform the look of your pool.

Our company is a leading vinyl liner pool builder and pool remodeling firm. We have the expertise to carefully drain your pool, remove the liner, components & fittings and take out the old liner without causing damage to the existing pool structure. Our pool installation experts will install a beautiful new liner quickly and efficiently.

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As a leading pool remodeling firm, we answer many questions in regards to renovating your inground swimming pool. If you’d like a specific quote on pool renovation work feel free to contact us at any time; we’d be happy to provide you with a free consultation.

Fiore Custom Pools specializes in the remodeling and renovation of vinyl liner inground pools and spas. Our company has been performing pool remodeling work since 2007 and has a solid reputation as a leading pool renovation firm throughout Connecticut. If you are considering renovating your existing swimming pool and wondering which pool builder to work with, Fiore Custom Pools can refer you to a long list of satisfied customers who will attest to our ability.

  • Repair pool structures (steel wall / polymer wall)
  • Professional diagnoses and repair of leaks & cracks
  • Repair pool decks & patios (concrete, pavers, aggregate)
  • Remodeling work for plumbing, electrical, trenching, relocating pool equipment.
  • Pool equipment repairs and pool equipment installation. We repair and replace old outdated or malfunctioning pool equipment.
  • Repair replace broken tile / coping and installation of pool decking.
  • Vinyl liner replacements. Professional installation of new pool liners.
  • Installation of add-on water features (spas, hot tubs), led lighting, pool automation, water & fire features.

The pool remodeling process is very similar to the pool installation process. Skilled tradesmen will be brought in to perform any necessary remodeling work to your swimming pool. Depending on the nature of your pool renovation, it may not be necessary to bring in heavy equipment.

In cases where it is necessary to bring in heavy equipment into the backyard, the process will be very similar to the same process homeowners encounter when initially installing a pool.

For the duration of the pool remodeling project, the backyard may become an active construction site. It is necessary to drain or lower the water level in the pool for most pool remodeling work.

Pool contractors specializing in plumbing, electrical, tile or other trades may be brought in throughout various stages of your pool renovation project. Depending on the nature of the remodeling work being performed in your pool, the overall cost and duration of your renovation will depend on the work being done.

An accurate estimate for all pool remodeling work will be provided to you prior to any work being performed. It will probably be necessary to reapply for permits to perform construction work in cases where major renovation work is projected.

The price for remodeling an inground pool varies depending on the work being performed. Most pool builders typically charge a fixed hourly rate for labor depending on the various trades involved with performing repair and renovation work. To get an accurate cost of how much a pool remodeling project will ultimately cost, it’s important to get an estimate from a reliable pool firm that specializes in performing renovation work.

One of our experienced pool contractors will assess any repair or renovation work and come up with an accurate approximation of the total price and time it takes to perform all renovation work.

The duration and how long a pool remodeling project will take depends on the nature and scope of renovation work being performed on the pool. Each pool remodeling job is unique. Most of the pool renovation work we do here at Fiore Custom Pools revolves around replacing vinyl liners for inground pools. Typically the process to remove and replace a vinyl liner takes just a few days. However, ordering your pool liner can take several months, it’s important to check with your pool consultant when placing your order to get an approximate date for installation.

Depending on the nature and scope of your pool remodeling project, the answer is – maybe. Typically financing is available for new pool installations and projects costing over $50,000 that would necessitate the need for outside funding. Most pool remodeling projects do not reach the scope and scale to require financing, however if your project involves a larger pool renovation and other backyard amenities or improvements – feel free to bring up the subject of financing with your pool consultant during your initial renovation consultation.

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